luni, 20 septembrie 2010

Molecule F la V for Vintage goes GREEN

Molecule F, a Romanian design capsule

If you would concentrate your whole personality in a tiny capsule, if you would reduce yourself to the smallest dimensions conceivable, the result would be a stable composition to perfectly represent you. In this capsule, all your characteristics would be retrieved, and one of them would certainly be style. It's a part of you, the way you express yourself on a first-contact basis. The image you project towards the rest of the world is the result of style.

Exclusively for Molecule F:

Capsule collections created by Andra Clitan, Fe[male], Elena Crisan and Lady Magpie in the Molecule F spirit, exclusively for the website's clients. Also, Rozalb de Mura can be found in the on-line Romanian environment only at Molecule F.

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La V for Vintage goes GREEN, Molecule F ne va încânta cu colectii green, bio, eco, introspective dar si retrospective ale designerilor romani.