luni, 3 august 2009

Boho Chic

Also known as boho-chic, the bohemian style seems to cycle in and out of fashion pretty regularly. I remember it being trendy when I was in high school with broomstick skirts and peasant blouses. Then, in college, caftans and fringe were the thing.

And, all of this was just in the last 10 years. That’s not to mention the 60’s and 70’s when this look was super popular. Except then, the look was referred to as ‘hippie style’. So, why do we call the style ‘bohemian’?

Bohemianism first emerged in the early 19th century when artists began to move into gypsy neighborhoods in Europe.

The term ‘bohemian’ refers to untraditional, antiestablishment lifestyles. For clothing, dressing bohemian means expressing your creativity and individuality. The look can be quite messy with its many layers and accessories. Some fashionistas have claimed that to pull off this look, you have to perfect that messiness by maintaining an overall balance.
In other words, don’t overdo it.