vineri, 14 august 2009

Derby Hat

Derby Hat

Derby Hat

What is a Derby Hat?

Derby hats, also known simply as horse race hats, are the elaborate, often over-sized hats women wear to horse races.

These hats have extra wide brims (usually 6 inches or more) that are shaped in interesting ways to frame the face. Super feminine, they are embellished with feathers, bows and crystals. The shape of these hats varies, but the basics stay the same: wide brim and over the top embellishments.

How to wear a Derby Hat

For women, horse races are often more about the fashion than the actual races.

To dress for a horse race, definitely wear a dress or skirt. Single-colored dresses in cocktail lengths are sophisticated and leave the attention on the hat. Flowered or printed dresses are also appropriate, but are harder to match with your hat.