luni, 10 august 2009

Fedora (hat)


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What is a Fedora?

Fedoras are felt hats that are creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched on both sides in the front. We think of fedoras as being men’s hats, but women were actually the first to wear fedoras back in the 18th century. Though the hat has been around for quite some time, the period we associate it with the most is the depression/prohibition era. In old movies from this period, gangsters are often shown wearing fedoras.

For all of these associations, fedoras are typically worn by those with edgier styles.

How to wear a Fedora

You can wear a fedora with pretty much anything. Just keep in mind that fedoras diminish the femininity of an outfit. So, a fedora will add a really great edgy vibe to your frilly pink dress. The most common way to wear fedoras is with mens-wear inspired clothes. Tailored trousers, suspenders, oxford shirts and vests can all come together with a fedora to create a super polished look. Or, if you want to look less stylized, wear your fedora with your favorite skinny or boyfriend jeans outfit. Like I said, fedoras go with pretty much anything.

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